Knappogue Castle 1951

Thanks to /u/Scotchguy_TO  for this sample. I enjoy Irish Whiskey. A few years ago that was, for some reason, a statement that had people up in arms in some whiskey circles. Now it’s fine. Thank goodness. Irish Whiskey used to be the norm. Prior to the coffey still it was the drink of choice. Things changed, there […]

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Powers 12 John’s Lane Release

This past year (2018) I had lots and lots of plans. Finish my accounting schooling, find a new job in a new career space, move forward the timeline upon which the universe is unmade by Azathoth awakening, and review enough Irish Whiskey to finally hit 100 total reviews. I’m happy to say I got most […]

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Redbreast Lustau Edition

Among my whisky geek friends, I am known as the one who’s typically wrong. This isn’t 100% because I say wrong things all the time. It’s also because, in my past, I worked in marketing, and in marketing, if you don’t say something with total confidence then you aren’t believed. If you wait to look […]

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Redbreast 21

Thanks to /u/cpfselfbuilt for this sample. It’s about time I got around to this dram. I mean, I somehow waited until after it was noted as one of the whiskies of the year, for all that means. I mean, it means that everyone who isn’t a whisky nerd is going to be asking about it and we’ll […]

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Green Spot Léoville Barton

Thanks to /u/throzen for the sample Irish whiskey is an interesting gauge of how experienced a whiskey drinker is. Allow me to explain: I don’t mean that if you don’t like Irish whiskey you aren’t a true whiskey snob, whatever the fuck that means. What I mean is after experiencing a few different levels of Irish whiskey, […]

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Midleton Dair Ghaelach Tree 9

Last whiskey reviewed in Ireland. Wanted to have more, but finally had to tap out. Hit my budget for the trip, ladies and gentlemen. And since I’m going out with a bang, and since we’re at the Bison Bar & B.B.Q., and since they were nice enough to give me a tour of their smoker […]

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