The Speyside 18 1998 Fountana

Thanks to ScotchGuyTO for sharing this dram The Speyside isn’t really a distillery you hear much about. I’ve written before this is 100% due to the confusion inherent in the name. They make a single malt called THE SPEY all in caps like your uncle sharing a recent “totally true” and probably horrible fact on Facebook that […]

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3 Ardmore Reviews

My proclivities to specific distilleries are at odds with one of my whisky reviewing morals. There’s never going to be a distillery that I’ll turn down reviewing because there’s always going to be at least one whisky from them I’ll like. That said, I do get into times when I want a specific whisky. And […]

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Three Linkwood Reviews

The first time I had Linkwood it was chosen for me blind because my equally perverted partner thought it was funny to laugh about a certain Nintendo character getting a boner. Yeah, I lucked out on meeting someone amazing. Try not to be jealous. Since then I’ve had a few more, though it’s not the […]

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Glenlossie 22 1997 Maltbarn

Thanks to a good friend for pouring me this dram “Hey, want a Glenlossie?” Silence. “It was bottled by Maltbarn” Alright, now we’re talking, where’s my glass? Yeah, I’m not going hunting for Glenlossie normally. I’m a biased, angry old grump who has reviewed enough Speyside scotches that I am basically a foolish Disney villain […]

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Benromach 39 1968 Sherry Cask

I went into this whisky with a mixed group of feelings. It was part of a higher-end tasting I missed. Knowing some of the other people at it (and what they drink and their ability to drink good things), I had high expectations. On the other hand, it’s a Benromach. Sure, it’s Benromach 39 1968 Sherry […]

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