Aultmore 18 Foggie Moss

Thanks to my wife who brought me out for my birthday drams. I’m a very lucky guy. Whenever I go out to have some whiskies that are old and going to be reviewed I try and get anyone else who’s with me involved. I’ve been told this is called “making it less boring” and “being […]

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Speyburn 15 2004 KWM Cask 277

Thanks to /u/devoz  for sharing this sample… I think. As in I think thanks… I haven’t decided yet. We’re in an odd time to be a “not super rich” whisky nerd. That’s me. I’m not super rich. Sorry to the people who have been stalking me to steal all my goods and perhaps the odd service (buy […]

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More Mortlach Please

When you’re having a bad day, it’s typically a sign to take a moment, step back, breathe in, and reassess. All of this is summed up in my whisky friend group as “Mortlach o’Clock”. A point of frustration so great that the only thing that could knock you out of it is a strong as […]

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