Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

Why do I do this? Why is it that every whiskey, and I mean every whiskey (you’re reading about a review of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, I don’t need to hammer this point) I drink requires a review? At this point I’ve accepted the fact that I drink to review, and not review to drink. It’s […]

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Cumberland Cask Ruby Cut

  Thanks to /u/orehnmadgib for the sample. I am tremendously bad at guessing mystery samples. However I ended up with a bunch after some swap, so it’s time to crack them open in a series I’m calling “I’m really bad at mysteries”. It’s tough to buck trends. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the […]

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George Dickel Superior No. 12

Recently I was lucky enough to join the Toronto Whisky Society in the first of what we hope is a constant amount of tastings. In order to give everyone a shot at coming out, the entry “fee” was to bring a bottle that was NAS/10 years that was at least half full. The following reviews […]

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Gentleman Jack

So at the time of this review, it’s Christmas, and as usual, I’m overeating, having a good time with family, and looking through my Uncle’s booze, searching for something I haven’t reviewed before. And I find Gentleman Jack. One of two Jack Daniel’s products I have yet to review. And I sigh, and pour myself […]

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Jack Daniel’s Old No.7

So…. I like being a part of these community reviews. Seriously, they are a lot of fun. Pushes me to go out and try something I wouldn’t normally push myself to try. But why Jack Daniel’s Old No.7? Why do I own this now? A little back story: My buddy started drinking this about 4 […]

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