Ledaigs of many a variety

There’s an awkward thing I bring up around Tobermory/Ledaig and there’s an obvious thing. The awkward thing is due to the “body” or “stinky cheese” or “Brevibacterium” there are a variety of different comments, from the mundane “this is why I don’t like blue cheese” to uncomfortable comments about a variety of sex workers in […]

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Tobermory 17 Dun Bheagan

Thanks to /u/ScotchGuy_To for sharing this dram Tobermory. I’ve had ones I like. I’ve had ones I less like. Some might even say I’m not a fan of Tobermory, but a big fan of Ledaig, because I’m a peaty-peathead with my love of peat and all that. But we’re not talking about peat today, so most of […]

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Tobermory 8 2008 Archives

Thanks to @scotchguy.to for sharing a dram of this with me. Something I’m always looking for is a brash, young, interesting whisky. Usually, that means a full maturation. Usually means something beyond an ex-bourbon cask, something peated, something with an odd mashbill. It doesn’t always mean it will work. And sometimes something else works. So a friend […]

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Tobermory 15

So… like I need more downvotes with the reviews I’ve been putting up on /r/Wine, however, I think I owe this distillery, and /u/reddbdb to keep reviewing them. Thanks to /u/PACitizen for the sample. For those of you wondering, I’m not a fan of Tobermory 10. You can find each of the reviews of it I have […]

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Tobermory 10 [Re-Review]

So I’m currently working on my next multiple review, however I have a couple samples that just can’t be grouped together, no matter how much I think outside the box and attempt to match them like Duplo blocks and the cat. Awhile back, when it was warmer out, I had a Scotch tasting party[1] . […]

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