Lot 40 18 Cask Strength

Thanks to blaw84  for the sample. Thank you @primetimedinner on Twitter for the image, if you’d prefer I don’t use it, please message me. Canada: That place you used to think was Northern US Shangri-la, and then we ended up with Trump if he was racist Millhouse. Guess that’s what happens when you genocide a whole […]

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J.P. Wiser’s 35 (2018)

Thanks to Wiser’s for pouring a few samples of this as we toasted Detroit and Windsor. For those of you not in the know, last year was the first year for the Northern Border Collection. Given my countries excellence in winter clothing, I wouldn’t be surprised if most people assumed it was a clothing line. […]

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J.P. Wiser’s 19 Seasoned Oak

Thanks to Corby for supplying a sample to me for this review. Recently there’s been some nice Canadian whiskies coming out, which as a Canadian whisky fan I’m particularly proud of, as I was born here and therefore due to the transitive property, I’m great too. Joking aside, I am happy for the idea of […]

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Northern Border Collection 2017

Thanks to Wiser’s for inviting myself and /u/muaddib99 as part of the Toronto Whisky Society. Please note that while we appreciate being invited, our reviews are our own and Wiser’s has not edited these at all. Sharp pointy sticks to all our crouches. There, they wouldn’t allow that, no one likes that and whisky. Well, very few people […]

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Wiser’s One Fifty

I’d like to thank Wiser’s for sending this bottles to the Toronto Whisky Society. Wiser’s One Fifty is a special bottling of Wiser’s. It was released for the 150th year of Canada being a country… ruled by European’s. Before that it goes for 10,000 some odd years, and even before that the fish had it. But it’s 150 years […]

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