Milk & Honey 4 2018 Grumpy Dram

What was the occasion: The last review didn’t sit well with me. For those of you who skipped it, it was also for a Milk & Honey release. I very much didn’t like it. Was very rough. Contrary to your potential beliefs, I don’t like shitting all over bad whiskies. Bad whiskies mean that people out […]

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Lot 40 18 Cask Strength

Thanks to blaw84  for the sample. Thank you @primetimedinner on Twitter for the image, if you’d prefer I don’t use it, please message me. Canada: That place you used to think was Northern US Shangri-la, and then we ended up with Trump if he was racist Millhouse. Guess that’s what happens when you genocide a whole […]

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Two Stacks Dram in a Can

Thanks to my wife for buying me a can… I think. It’s whiskey in a can, I can’t wax philosophical about it. I started writing and then looked back at the empty can and… well, it’s whiskey in a can! Okay, I got that out of my system, let’s move on. Two Stacks is not, […]

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Irish 31 1990 Archives

We’re well past the point where one can ignore Irish whiskey. Who made this? I don’t know. Don’t care at this point. Seriously, in 1972 there were only two whiskey distilleries in operation in Ireland. And both were owned by Irish Distillers (the company). Compare that to 1887, when there were 28 in total. As […]

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Proper No. Twelve

Thanks to whomever found devoz  and handed him a sample of this for me… I think? I know next to little about the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) or MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in general, nor will I pretend to understand it. I can’t watch people do sports because I’d rather take part in a sport, even if […]

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Starward Malt Whisky

Thanks to /u/georgejessel  for sharing this dram with me. Australia. A land that evokes rugged territory, vast impacts of conservative pants-on-head policies, rampant colonialism, and a smattering of animals that would kill you quickly. It also evokes a rough group of people who seem like they’d be buds with you, assuming you’re white. So not too different […]

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An Ample Amount of Amruts

I’ve been writing a bit lately about moving on from old distilleries. Which is tough. No one wants to stop buying a specific distillery’s offerings due to price increases, changes in how it’s being made, or even situations where it becomes so popular that you have to camp out to purchase it. Which usually means […]

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