Arran Aszu Tokaji Wine Cask [The Dam Pub Flight Review Set #1]

Arran Aszu Tokaji Wine Cask

All amazing things must, eventually, come to an end. And for end, that ended with a Scotch at The Dam Pub. I did a 5 point flight of 3 Canadians, 1 Japanese, and 1 Scotch, and you can find them over at /r/worldwhisky.

Well, it’s not really the end, I mean… seriously, I’m going back. It’s only 2 hours from my house, and it’s in the town where my Grandma and Grandpa lived, grew up, and are now buried (don’t worry, they died first, we didn’t bury them alive…. you psycho).

I’m a sucker for odd finishes. Right now, I’m aging my own Rye and Bourbon in French Oak to eventually finish it in Chardonnay (for the Bourbon) and Pinot Grigio (for the Rye), and I’m still finishing my Canuck grain whisky in Shiraz.

Yeah, it may taste bad, but oh well, I love my finishes.

So when I saw that the pub had Arran Aszu Tokaji Wine Cask, I was sold. Done and done. No more pretenders to the throne, it’s time to go back to the king of whiskies to finish up my drams.

Arran, as a company, tries some crazy stuff. They finish everything in any cask they can get a hold of. Aszu Tokaji is a Hungarian Dessert Wine. Hell, it’s from the Tokaj region, and is up to their King’s ears in Noble Rot. Check out /r/wine[3] for future wine reviews of a Tokaji wine, but for now, know that this is wacky.

8 years in oak and then finished 7 months in the wine casks, let’s see if being original was a good idea.

Price: Yeah, right.

Region: Island

Abv: 55%

Colour: Light brass

Nose: Sour grapes, stinging nettles, orange, pot pourri, field after light rain, earth

Okay, this is memory inducing. And odd. Is there whisky in here? Did I drink too much wine again? Where are my pants?

Like walking through a field in summer.

Taste: Light red grapes, cayenne heat, pear, blueberries, oak, vanilla, orange rind

Strong. Tons of heat, yet I like that. Very fruity, and oaky. It’s young, but that’s a good thing. The wine elements are there.

Granted, I’ve had quite a bit of whisky, but this is standing out, especially given the competition so far.

Finish: Cinnamon, yeast, apples, smoke, light ocean air, brown sugar, lemon tart

Strong, out of nowhere yeasty, briney, and sweet finish.

What the what, this is unique.

Conclusion: This isn’t something you could have as a daily dram. I had some water with it, and it calmed down quite a bit, and gave a complex finish and taste. Granted it was still quite hot. Very hot. If you have a chance, pick up a dram of this. It’s an experience.


Scotch review #175, Island review #18, Whisky Network review #232

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