Balvenie New Make

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Thanks to whiskytanuki for taking the amazing pics at the recent tasting.

As a Canadian, I live in an interesting environment, and not just because any injury or major illness won’t bankrupt my family and leave us destitute. No, it’s interesting because I try a few more white whiskies than normal. New distilleries pop up and sell them off.

That said, I haven’t had that many Scotch white spirits. I’ve been lucky enough to try a few. I in no way think of myself as an expect.

So much so that I keep forgetting if I score them or not. I know that people disagree on if a new make/white dog/white whisky/spirit that dare not speak it’s name should be scored, especially in comparison to the whisky. That said, I’m not one to remove scores, and I think these reviews give you a better idea of the distillery.

Also some places are asking for money for these, so I score them. I think you should always try a white whisky if you can, as it’s like reading the instructions before putting together anything from IKEA: It gives you some hints, even if the pictures don’t 100% look like the final product.

So let’s see what Balvenie New Make tastes like, and if it’ll help us put together our flörsmorgen together, shall we?

Price: Not for sale

Region: Speyside

Colour: Clear

Nose: Earth, peaches, tin, cinnamon, maple

Nice nose on this. You get the earth note from an initial nose, which is normal for this type of spirit.

That said, what’s not normal is the spice, metal, and even some sweetness. This is quite interesting to nose. it’s certainly one of the nicer I’ve nosed.

Taste: Peach, earth, heat, honey

Again, peach and earth are a normal thing. You take malted barley, let it go through a still two times, and that’s what I’ve found (with corn heavy ones being less peach and more earth).

Heat comes along too. However the honey note? That’s new. Really, really interesting note, and it takes over here completely. That said, it’s still hot. Really hot.

Finish: Alcohol, peach, malt

Finish is typical, though quite a bit of malt going on here. More than I expected.

Conclusion: So Balvenie doesn’t sell this, and I can certainly say I like it in a barrel for awhile over this. That said, they could probably put some minis out there of this and enough whisky nerds would want it.

The spice and honey, as well as the gentle spirit all go into Balvenie, and having Balvenie New Make screams that out. No, it’s not going to blow you away, however it is going to give you a great idea of the quality of the spirit before the cask. The honey and nice nose were surprising.

Frankly one of the nicer white spirits I’ve ever had, and not something anyone should pass up.


Scotch review #862, Speyside review #246, Whisky Network review #1383

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