Ardbeg 32 1967 Old Malt Cask [Feather’s Flight Review Set #2]

Ardbeg 32 OMC

And now onto the favourite region of /r/Scotch, as we’re all a bunch of peatheads.

I ended up at the end of my night wondering what Islay whisky could cap off a great evening. As last time I had a 27 year Ardbeg Old Malt Cask Douglas Laing, I had to take the next step up, and decided to have a dram of the Ardbeg 1967 32 year Old Malt Cask Douglas Laing. If I keep with this logic, I’ll be homeless within the next two times I drink Ardbeg.

This is the oldest, and most expensive dram I’ve ever drank. Let’s see if it’s also the best Ardbeg I’ve ever had.

Price: HA!

Region: Islay

Abv: 49%

Colour: Black Tea

I usually don’t comment on the colour, but holy hell this is dark! And since it’s Douglas Laing, I know there isn’t any colouration. I was blown away just by the colour the whole time. It’s darker than a black bear on a soot farm at 2 in the morning.

Nose: Peat, excitement, varnish, strawberries & cream, currants, anise, sea salt, cognac, white pine, raisins

Very smooth for an Islay. Smoother than any Ardbeg I’ve had before (the 10, the Oog, and the 27 year). It’s still quite strong in the peat department, however it still pops up with interesting sweeter flavour. It’s closer to a Cognac than a Scotch.

Taste: Orange, currant, peat, rose water, cumin, caramel, plum, raisin, floral salt, pear/apple, cocoa

Well… it actually has a very subtle flavour, especially for an Islay. It’s very smooth, even at 49%. I almost feel like it’s been in the cask for a little too long. That being said it’s still quite interesting, almost like a port infused Ardbeg. The rose water is actually the main thing here, with the peat being the second most noticeable flavours.

Finish: Peat, lemon, oak, salt air, cherries, sherry, bread pudding, arugula, spearmint, mango

That old familiar Ardbeg finish comes in, however it gives way to a nice fruit/herbal/peppery flavour. Almost like a full meal. Medium-long length on this one, not as long as the 27 year Douglas Laing, which is kinda sad.

Conclusion: I almost wish I tried this without trying the 27 before hand. It’s rough to drink this without comparing it to other Ardbeg offerings. The nose is very exciting, and very much better than the nose on the Oog or the 10. The taste is very subtle though, almost fleeting, and that’s where it misses out. I prefer the Oog or 27 taste, and the finish almost ties the Oog. I would recommend everyone try this, as even my wife, who doesn’t drink Scotch, liked it quite a bit.


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