Canadian Club (1969)

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Thanks to /u/I_SAID_NO_GOLDFISH for this sample.

Mad Men. Some of us watched it. I probably should have, since I’m in Marketing and it would make me feel cool before breaking down in tears at what really happens in my life.

Just kidding: I cry anyways.

However I didn’t watch it. Why? Because he drank Canadian Club. That’s not actually the reason, that’s just one I’m making up for this review.

At one point Canadian Club was drank by everyone. It’s the manly man’s blend, the duke of drinks for high ranking people. At least that’s what we’ve been told. I’m assuming there were reasons, probably budget cuts or the general public just wanting to get hammered.

But what if the drank has changed over the years? What then? What if all this bile and anger I have towards it is just because of some young upstarts ruining in the 1980s that was due to opportunity costs?

Well today we’re going to try and figure that out. As you already figured out from the title, I guess.

Whatever. It’s a bottling from 1969. It’s Higher Proof than current ones. And I dressed up in a suit and fingered some random woman on lunch just to review it correctly (oh dear god no I didn’t).

Let’s see how it tastes, shall we?

cc 1969 1.jpg

Price: The LCBO requires your first born child + 3 years interest on a buick LaSabre (N/A at the LCBO)

Region: Canada

Abv: 46.5%

Colour: 5Y 8/8

Nose: Vanilla custard, lemon, pepper, burnt meat, corn

Okay, this isn’t your… uh… son’s Canadian Club. I guess.

Got a little lost there.

What I’m saying is this actually has a nice nose. Not great, but… wow that custard is nice. It’s rough around the edges, but just the edges, rather than the Sphincter, like current Canadian Club Premium.

Don’t get me wrong: It still is simple, yet has some extra oomph to it and the off notes aren’t as bad.

Taste: Lemon, cornmeal, cream, candy coating, corn

So take M&Ms, batter then in cornbread and buttermilk, then deep fry them. After eating them, give up food for a few months, because you need to. Or you’re die.

Gee, why can’t I lose wait (this is sarcasm, I’ve actually been cutting back on my sweets).

The above is close to how I’d say this tastes. The lemon throws it off, and the corn elements can be a little astringent. I’m not loving it, however I don’t hate myself for drinking it either.

Finish: Brown sugar, pepper, butter, lemon tart, whipped cream, nutmeg, earth

Nice finish. Simple, yet nice. Good amount of flavours, really buttery, and quite sweet.

I’d say that if you can’t handle sweet whiskies at their worst, then maybe you should change to other whiskies. The reason I say that is this is really, really sweet. Cloyingly so.

Conclusion: I’m not going to call this out as amazing or worth the $100 on the secondary it probably gets (on a good day). I am going to say this: It’s a piece of history I drank, and it was tasty as fuck compared to current CC.

I can see why people had this on hand. Add an ice cube and you’d be all set. The sweet notes are good for beginners and it’s easy to sip. Much better than the current one, so… try this if you get the chance. Buy a bottle if you find a Tardis.


World Whisky review #134, Canada review #49, Whisky Network review #656

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