Jameson 12 Special Reserve

Jameson 12 2.jpg

So I’m talking to a guy at a bar. Doesn’t matter where or when, stay with me here.

Well, yeah, I was in Dublin. I guess that counts.

So I’m talking to this guy at a bar in Dublin, and he mentions how he misses being able to purchase Jameson 12 Special Reserve now, as it’s not a limited edition, and thus the price has increased.

So I get to thinking, “Hey, isn’t that on my list to try”, and my wife says “Yeah, and you should probably make these thoughts to yourself like a normal person, especially when we’re in public.”

Jameson 12 Special Reserve used to be known as 1780, as that was the year Jameson was founded. It’s a blend, triple distilled, and from what I understand from the gentleman talking to me, used as a starter for a lot of other Jameson products that are quite popular.

So I see it at a bar, order it, find out I saw it wrong, and then order it from another bar. Pretty simple, eh?

Let’s see if that random guy was right, shall we?

Jameson 12 1.jpg

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: Ireland

Abv: 40%

Colour: 10YR 6/8

Nose: Butterscotch, ginger ice cream, banana, burnt lemon

Light nose. Needs some time to nose it. There’s a sweet, creamy nose to it. Kinda like smelling something cold, where the nose is muted, but you still know there’s flavour. Like ice cream. Which would be why I wrote ice cream.

Taste: Ginger, cloves, mineral, cantaloupe, burnt butter, cereal

Continuation of a burnt flavour, some ginger, additional cloves. The mineral gives way to a tart fruit flavour.

I wish the fruit was a little stronger, or not cantaloupe. It’s not strong enough to stand up to the mineral, or pair well with the spice, or really pair well with the cereal.

Finish: Mineral, butter, honeydew melon, stone fruit, orange rind

Again, mineral at the start, however the finish has more fruit now. Sadly the other flavours that would pair quite well don’t show up. So we have a divide between having the spice in the mouth and the finish, which isn’t miles apart, but it’s still annoying.

Conclusion: Better than the standard Jameson, this shows some growth from the additional age. I think I’d prefer it at least at 43%. It’s hurting from the lower alcohol content.

I feel like this is on it’s way, and can see why some other offerings from Jameson (with additional cask influence) are preferred over this one. At least that’s me.

Wish the nose was stronger, but it was nice. The taste and finish need to mesh up more, but are nice. The whole thing is just nice. And let me tell you, like people, nice is the lower end of what you want. You want more than nice, like a good personality or looks.

Maybe when I find the 15 it’ll have jumped up again.


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